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Your Business Growth partner in the Middle East and Africa
About Us
Velex is a privately held Technology Investment Advisory and Management Consortium, focusing on the markets in the Middle East and Africa since 1996.

Having over 27 years of experience and serving dozens of satisfied clients and stakeholders, Velex recently has transitioned its focus to Disruptive Technology businesses and managed to develop a number of highly professional teams and partnership networks, capable to handle any competent advisory and management volumes. We are also building and supporting a number of the Tech Start Ups through various platforms.

We mainly cover several industries, where digital transformations are fast growing - Financial Services & Banking; Hospitality & Gaming; Supply Chain & Logistics; Mobility; New Media & Entertainment, etc.
Our Business
Velex Ecosystem is a robust and interwoven network of expertise, partnerships, and services dedicated to propelling disruptive technology businesses forward. With a history of success, a strong commitment to innovation, and a focus on industries of the future, Velex plays a pivotal role in shaping the technological landscape of the Middle East and Africa.

The Group runs various integrated verticals.
Velex Advisory
Investment Advisory Company - operating 11 Offices with 50+ Professionals and conducting the prime activities:

Business Advisory Services - Business Establishment & Development Support; Markets & Strategy Growth; Human Resources Consulting; Due Diligence & Valuations.

Legal Advisory Services - Legal & Corporate Affairs Advisory; Licensing; Intellectual Property; Data Protection; Joint Ventures, Takeovers and Merger & Acquisition Transactions Advisory.

Financial Advisory Services - Governance, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance & Tax; Financial & Investments Analyses; Assurance and Banking Advisory & Consulting.
Velex Finance
Financial Services Company, based in Dubai and specializing on:

Investments - Direct Investments Portfolio comprising several Venture Studios and Start ups operating in the MEA region.

Corporate Finance & Growth Capital solutions - Capital Management; Private Equity & Venture Capital, Strategic Partnerships and Investment Advisory.

Digital Financial Services - Innovative and dedicated DFS Solutions , including Payments & Debt Financing, for the Start ups & Scale ups
Velex Hub
Innovation & Growth Network, based in Dubai, UAE and spanning across the MEA Region. It acts as a catalyst for digital transformation, offering holistic support to businesses aspiring for sustainable growth. Our commitment extends to the Business Growth Club, designed to connect ecosystem stakeholders and foster collaboration, networking, and resource sharing among businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and key players in the Tech Ecosystem across the MEA region.

The in-house Center of Excellence for Growth Marketing, Media & Communications encompasses a broad spectrum of services, including strategic planning, market research & data management, digital media marketing, stakeholder engagement, community relations, and events management.
"Every problem is a gift—without problems we would not grow." – Anthony Robbins
Partners & Associates
Velex has built a vast Partnership Network across the MEA Region. Some of the Key Partners:
SORP is a leading Consultancy Group in United Arab Emirates. It provides a large selection of business services from initial business set up to everyday business support and consulting.
Baseley & Pаrtners is an International Legal Project management company for startups, which are eager to go public, launch ICO process or sell the product to strategic investors..
Adanian Labs is an AI, Blockchain, and Smart Technologies Venture Studio that builds, nurtures and scales impact-driven tech startups across Africa creating a Borderless Continent.
UNIPESA is a fast growing B2B2G Digital Finances Infrastructure Consortium with Headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with R&D office in Cyprus and Regional Business Development Offices in Kenya, Zambia, DRC.
Careers at Velex
A career at Velex Group is centered around providing professionals with the chance to achieve long-term growth within a dynamic and engaging environment. Our approach is built on a potent blend of transactional expertise, strategic insight, and deep market knowledge. This combination empowers our team members to proactively take initiative, fostering personal and professional development at every level.

By leveraging our unique strengths, we fulfill our central mission: crafting and executing inventive solutions that yield tangible outcomes for our valued clients. Our commitment to this goal drives us to constantly seek new avenues of progress and innovation.

We're continuously on the lookout for capable and skilled individuals to join our ranks. If you're driven, qualified, and eager to contribute to our dynamic team, we encourage you to reach out. Feel free to contact us at to express your interest and explore the opportunities that await.

At Velex Group, we're not just shaping careers; we're building a collaborative community that thrives on excellence, innovation, and shared success. Join us in creating a meaningful impact and embarking on a journey of growth and achievement.
Our Contacts
Main Office:

25th Floor, Tameem House,
Barsha Heights, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Telephone / Whatsapp: + 971 58 6187907
E-mail address:

Velex Group has offices in:
Nairobi, Kenya; Lagos, Nigeria; Kinshasa, DRC; Kampala, Uganda;
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Cape Town, South Africa; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Lusaka, Zambia; Luanda, Angola; Kiev, Ukraine

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